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The Know Your Rights Podcast

Love, Unity & Values (LUV) Institute

Getting stopped by the police can happen to anybody, regardless of whether or not they have committed a crime. This can be a frightening experience, especially for Black and brown males and others belonging to high-risk populations. That is why the Love, Unity & Values (LUV) Institute has been appointed by the City of Chicago Community Justice Initiative to help lead the "Know Your Rights" campaign. As a non-profit organization based in Bronzeville, Chicago, we are committed to helping folks know their rights, understand what to expect in a police encounter, and navigate the resources available to them. Over the course of this podcast, you will hear from criminal justice attorneys and other special guests about a variety of topics, including how to access free legal representation and why it is so important to know your rights. We will also delve into the four key tips for activating those rights, should a police encounter occur. For more information, email, visit, and follow the LUV Institute on social media.